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About Hexway

The idea for Hexway is to make a 2D side-scroller fighting game with big RPG influences. The game will be focused on fun PVP and PVE fighting mechanics with different classes to choose. I also have a story i wanna add to the game as a campaign mode as well as an unique progression system of stats, skills and gear.

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Latest release : DEMO 0.3

The third DEMO have just been released after a year of idle time :(
The focus in this one was just to improve the learning curve and difficulty of the game. The beginning waves are easier, and the mechanics are introduced gradually. The last waves, on the other hand, are very challenging.


Hexway - Heretic's quest 0.3.1 (win64).rar 16 MB
Hexway - Heretic's quest 0.3.1 (win32).rar 15 MB
Hexway - Heretic's quest 0.3.1 (Linux).zip 36 MB


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Where have you gone o Supreme God of games we miss you and new games from you! :'(

wow, I found it kinda hard to play but I hadn't been awake that long but after waking up I found it incredible fun.

The intro screen made me chuckle, I love it when it's told how it should be told the graphics were pretty neat. As i always say "You don't need fancy graphics for a great game".

I can't remember playing a game of this style with diffrent key combinations for the combat mode ( as in indie game) as well but yeah, great fun and I'll play it again tonight erm *cough* while having a drink lol

Thanks DEVS


I'm glad you liked it